September 1, 2014

5K in Paradise

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Rising early
the breeze is calm
the sky a little grey
but it is dry
just right to run
not humid
not cold.

The loons are beckoning
as I run by their
the scent of pinewood
enters as I breathe
having filled the air
from fires the night

The lake water calm
as I run its perimeter
a fishing boat
goes out gently
hoping for a morning
catch like those men on
early Saturday television.

Hearing the loons again
joined by morning
along my path
a frog joins me but
does not stay long
his pace not keeping
up to challenge my

Sweating over half way there
I would remove my shirt but
morning strollers coming at
might think I was a bear seeing
the thickness of my chest
and belly hair but behind me they
would not because my back is bare.

Back at camp my finish
having finished a 5K run
so fine
so free
not having to pay
this beautiful lake
a thirty dollar fee.


August 27, 2014

How Do We Find Happiness?

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We do so many
wonderful things
in life from
day to day.

Just rising up
each morning casts
a new light past

Whatever our life
amounts to
we generally do
what we like.

But no matter the
lights that shine
we can still have
demons inside.

Somewhere within us
our demons reside
threatening our lights
eroding our pride.

How can we channel
that darkness that
lives and occasionally
shows its face?

Every little detail
every little moment
every little wish
every little prayer
ALL are lights
of happiness
of which we MUST
always be aware.

We must find a way
to keep light way up
high and darkness
way down there.


August 25, 2014

Come August

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Fire under a
still night
a clear night
of only one
cloud of only two

A night of early
August not as
humid and overwhelming
as the nights of
June or of
July when heat brought
about sudden storms.

Flames now rising
in the pit before
me like an orange
rose broad and full
accompanied by the
beautiful song of sustained
cricket hum.

More stars begin
to join the full
moon above that
shines like nature’s
light bulb guiding
me in thought, inspiration,
and inner summer peace.


August 20, 2014

Stop Worrying!!

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Why do we worry
our minds in a
our thoughts in a
our actions in a
we worry so much
about the most
over which we starve
for perpetual control.

So many things
we do
so many beautiful
we have been through
whatever I am
whatever I do
let me be
I will let you be
if your friendly smile
is wholesome and
then you will support me
for whatever I do
and I in turn
will be one of your

If we worry
so much
we will never let
life flow free
from a stressful
that God does
not want there to

Think what you want
to think of me
if you see me in light
light will find you easily
if you decide I am
no good
then darkness will
ever be
following you because
my light you will
not see.

When it all
comes down
when it all
adds up
when it all
comes around
and we can see it
as such
we really
do not have to
so much.


August 19, 2014

Amish Friendship Bread

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Migueltio The North Country Latino and special guest Daughter Katie make Amish Friendship Bread to salute the Amish Community of Northern NY.

August 13, 2014

Poesý 2014 presents Michael Muller’s In It For The Haul

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Originally posted on A.R. Román: M'ink:


A second tasting of Michael Muller’s poetry which is a plea for hope. Enjoy!

In It For The Haul

Feeling tired and
exhausted after
working along day
having taught my

It is not my students
that exhaust me
they actually inspire
my mind to come

What is most exhausting
is seeing and hearing
from the many who
think that all is

So many just let
life get the best of
them as if THEIR best
is in the long gone

So many let issues
of long past events
dwell as if 
they still have

So many let issues
linger due to
their own
so many lay guilt
of simple
blind to seeing the real
truth of others innocence
while the true problem lies
in their own
caused by self denial
of their own irrelevance!
Inspiration let me
let the toxic past

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August 12, 2014

Dulce De Leche Ice Cream!!

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Migueltio makes SWEET Dulce De Leche Ice Cream!!

Poesý 2014 presents Michael Muller’s Destiny’s Flow Redeemed

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Thanks so much Alexandra Roman for believing in me!! xoxoxo

Originally posted on A.R. Román: M'ink:


Michael Muller,  age 45, is a Venezuelan American poet from New York and band director at South Lewis Central School. I encourage you to visit his blog where you can find some of his works, http://www.migueltio.wordpress.com. Also at http://www.facebook.com/michael.muller.5074644/notes.


Here is his poem for our Fantasy Theme!

“Destiny’s Flow Redeemed”

Gentle rains falling
over the river Styx
at a time late at night
as the ferryman awaits.

The ferryman paid
with gold pesetas
waves open the gate
as the passenger awaits.

The passenger enters
the downtrodden ferry
beginning a dreary journey
as Hades awaits.

Hades desires another
soul to live eternally
across The River Styx
whose current never waits.

The current begins
to change direction away
from the underworld toward
the rock where destiny awaits.

Destiny moves forward
as the ferry flows
toward the rock
where seven pixies await.

Seven beautiful pixies
desire to possess the oncoming
passenger as their

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August 11, 2014

Poesý 20/10 Ed. August 2014: Fantasy Poetry

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Poesý 20/10 Ed. August 2014: Fantasy Poetry.

August 2, 2014

Beautiful Children

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Beautiful summer days
bring out
beautiful summer ways
of cooking out
and eating out
of noticing a garden’s
beautiful flowers
of swimming and sunning
for carefree hours
of planning a fabulous
getaway vacation
the memories of which
should last a generation.

So why has this summer
seen so frequent
the abomination
of mindless parents
subjecting their children
to heat and suffocation
in vehicles locked under
the sun’s brutal radiation
there needs to be a stop
to this cruel operation
love for children
needs a reconciliation
with these parents who think
they are a material creation
every parent found guilty
should have to pay reparation
by being subjected to
the same


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