April 19, 2014

On The Move

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An early spring dusk
with snows receding.

some wet some frozen
give way to an
evening’s quiet sky.

Taleja the fawn
Talajera her mother
arrive to feed in silence on
late day birdseed having fallen
from scratches of earlier blue jays.

Taleja is injured
Talajera concerned
as darkness encloses
increasing the possibility
of other predators as hungry
as they.

At the base of a tall pine
Taleja takes shelter
Talajera takes guard
both taking rest
but still taking notice
as darkness deepens
they rest to heal
they rest to restore
in the hidden of night
they rise
to journey more.


April 12, 2014

Listening To Happiness

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Listening today
to beautiful Spanish
rolling off the tongues
of beautiful people
in a production
expressed by its director
as a product of cinematic
projection of happiness.

Listening today
to the sounds
of my body after
lifting with free weights
that continue gifting me
with fires to my arms
with my belly I crunch a
projection of happiness.

Listening today
to an avantgarde
saxophonist intone its
expressions while being
accompanied by an
ornamental texture of bells
and chimes adding to its
projection of happiness.

Listening today
to new birds singing
a new melody
a new season
springing ahead with
more sun and more
warmth adding to their
projection of happiness.


April 5, 2014

Springing Forth!

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My thoughts frozen
in ice
my blood frozen
in temperatures subzero.

My dreams trying
to emerge from the
feet of snow oppressing.

My visions trying
to refocus from the
dark skies depressing.

Skies now becoming
more radiant and blue
my body now rising
out of winter’s
bond like glue.

Thinking of warmth
all around me
praying for warmth
to surround me
winter’s manacles
unbind me
as I leave you
behind me
winter’s clutches
that once bound me
now must release me
where they found me.

Spring come soon
and take me into
your warm hands!


March 25, 2014

Thank You So Much!!

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Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for reading my blog of poems etc…
I just wanted you to know, that tonight I am receiving an honor for one of them.
The Old Forge, NY Public Library holds an annual Literary and Visual Art Contest. Old Forge is a small but quite progressive All Year resort town in The Adirondacks. While the native population is small, the town is quite full of tourists, renters, snowmobilers, skiers,boaters, fall leaf peepers, YOU NAME IT throughout the year. In fact the only time of year the town isn’t “hopping” is from April through mid May (known as Mud Season) because the snow is gone, and its too early to open up summer camp houses. They have quite an active arts and literary scene there between the Arts Center which is called “View” and the Old Forge Library, both of which host a number of programs and events, all year long. The poetry end of the Poetry and Art contest annually receives near 150 entrants from Oneida, Herkimer,and other surrounding counties both near, and in The Adirondacks, and The Mohawk Valley. This year the theme of the contest was “times past”. My poem “Beams of Memory” which can be found on this blog (if you have not read it), won “Honorable Mention” which is “2nd place”. So tonight I will be attending the awards reception, and receiving the honor of being able to read my poem to all in attendance. If you have not read it, I hope you scroll down and do so, as well as my other blog entries here. Thank you so much for subscribing to me!! You all helped make this happen!!! Hugs!!!

March 21, 2014

Taken By Sweetness

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Sip of wine
the finest grapes of
the hills of Bullas
so sweet in my mind
so sweet on my lips
the hair upon my chest
evolves ever thicker
at the joyful sweetness
tantalizing my heart.

Another sip and I am
running through the
Bullas vineyard smiling
at the sky above
a quick shower
washes me down
followed by sunshine
warming my belly as I take in
its heartwarming scent.

One last sip as I
fall to the soft
and fertile land below
as I let it touch
me and let it hold
me as I lie beneath
the beautiful sunlit sky
that kisses every inch of
me in the vineyards of beautiful Bullas.


February 25, 2014

It Is Who I Am

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A Sunday sermon’s message of
“who was it that inspired you
who took you under their wing
and showed you the ropes”
made me think back
to who influenced me
who inspired my hopes
there was no one person
who showed me the way
who helped me to bridge
from boy to man
to think
to see through
a more mature plan.

It was all bits and pieces
with dad not around
that alone
so different
for that time
in that town
so rare then
so different
to have a parent
while many spouses
maybe fought
separations not as known
my mom was not one
who could fix things alone
were parts or power
tools to me shown.

This experience from
this one that one
from that
in many ways
compared to other
boys I was
flat at knowing
things that they
knew at doing
things they could
do at developing
better insight
a more
savvy point of view.

Since then
I have matured
since then my
mind has grown
my knowledge
my talents
my abilities
fashioned mostly
on my own.


Defined by Rhythm and Sway

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Originally posted on The Seeker's Dungeon:

Defined by rhythm and sway,
the poet’s heart beats
for the power of a word
to change, illuminate,
or define our world.

Brought to deliverance
by a mind confused,
the beauty can morph
into anger, lust, and greed
in a corrupted spirit
who’s lost sight of meaning
but not the power
to change, illuminate
or define.

What makes divine
the power that deserves
the circumspect heart,
where lives a healing
that if rocked to life
through the rhythm
and sway and beauty

of words with purity
of intention, can
change hate to reflection
and endear humanity
to the idea of the
spirit’s protection,

is a determination
that is the poet’s own,
using every opportunity
to embrace two words curled
into a rhythm that sways
meaning into beauty
which can change,
illuminate, or define
our world.

Written for Poetry Prompt 12

featured image via http://www.hebus.com/

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February 21, 2014

Eight Stars Keep Shining!

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Keep shouting people
keep marching on every street
demanding your rights!

Shout in every town
resist this political
clown, ‘til he falls down!

Swim with the current
of every student, do not
let your future drown!

Oppose and resist
so that democracy will
not cease and desist!

Griten con fuego
y dicen este pinche

Voces con podre
libertad por la gente
sopla la mente!

Shout all together
from each open bus or car

Shout hermanas y


February 5, 2014

Light Reviving

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A moon rise glistening
over frozen ground
its light glaring down
upon all that lies below
as I raise my eyes
out from this chilly hibernation
I see a flight of new snow
twinkling as it falls catching
a ray of this winter light
along its journey to earth below
when upon I dwell among the
many blest by its inspiring
presence during nights so
dark during nights so cold
this light calls me to rise
out of my personal coil
of what I had drawn into
and drawn away from as the
days shortened and the warmth
vanished my eyes closing into
a deep reclusive abyss of darkness
of my fears and discomforts
of my rejections and inequities
now feeling something again summoning
me to my feet again summoning
my heart to beat again summoning
me to feel complete
filled with warmth filled with hope
filled with love
of others who touch me
no longer lying still
hidden away and
under the covers
moon rise by night
sunrise by day
leading me
guiding me
down the path
of God’s way.


January 28, 2014

Temperature Changes

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Today it is very cold
today I am very cold
but in my heart I am
very warm.

Today in my heart
I am very warm
from the movement of
my morning dance steps
today in my heart
I am very warm
thinking of my family
and all they are
today in my heart
I am very warm
thinking of my friends
who touch me deeply
today in my heart
I am very warm
praying for my friends today
in places wrought with storms
today in my heart
I am very warm
taking time to paint
as I have not in a while
I am thankful for poetry
sharing my expression
of a warm winter smile.


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