March 12, 2011

For Japan And The Future

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We pray for Japan   

as we watch the news reports

of the disaster.


Our hearts are heavy

for all those who lost someone

for all who were there.


We think of Third World

Countries when we think of such

devastating scenes.


Great technology

and modern architecture

stopped more destruction.


May the power plants

not experience melt downs

with radiation.


May relief workers

be able to help all those

who need assistance.


May the aftershocks

spare the Japanese People

of anything worse.


We have our gadgets

we have our technology

our world has become

a digital society.

We are joined together

as a digital nation

with the press of the button

we are a cyber generation

forgetting the basics

of down to earth communication.

We hardly ever send a card

we hardly ever write a letter

thinking our hand held toys

can do it better.

So what will we do

if the day ever comes about

when natural

or even man-made destruction

knocks our cyber network OUT??

We will still need ways

to get in touch

with our sisters and our brothers

we will still need ways

to create music

for our ears and for others

so while we are still fortunate

to have this technological mobility

we need to remember

how to create

and communicate

in the old-school ability.


We pray for Japan

as well as for New Zealand

and still for Haiti.


God Bless them and all of us.





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