March 18, 2011


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Early winter has

many uplifting smells

like those of pine Christmas

tress and wreaths or the

candles on a menorah

along with so many wisps

of dinner food and

delicious baked goods

a sensory treat

to smell

and to eat.

In mid winter

then tempratures are

twenty below with many inches

of ice and snow

as my body is frozen

and covered so heavily

by layer after layer

I find it quite difficult

in the middle of the dead

days of cold to find a smell

even of the thinnest thread.

That is why today

as the mercury was higher

than fifty five this afternoon

I had my window open while

driving home from the city

and took great joy in picking up

the smells of things so un-pretty

things most would consider

unattractive to compare

like burning rubber from a factory

and highway exhaust dominating the air.

It was a gift

to smell something new

as gritty an odor

as they gave off

just the fact that I could have

my window open while I drove

and was not restrained in a heavy coat

with gloves restricting my fingers while

the cold bound me up like an inhibited thing

to smell these today was a beautiful sign

of the coming of beautiful spring.

(Yeah I know, there will be MANY MORE BEAUTIFUL THINGS to smell in the air as spring gets going)



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