April 7, 2011


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The world alive

all around becoming

unburied from the piles

of snow plowed over

into hard crumbly patches

of ice that held a tight restriction

on us

through March.

New birds call out to fill the air

sounding an alarm

for the grass to arise again

for the buds to form and blossom

to bring out the beauty

the beauty that is spring.

New awakenings encompass my spirit

new awarnesses

that the light I try to shine

may be bright for some

but not visible

to others

no matter how hard I try

to be a good being of this world

to family

to friends

some change their minds

and reject my light

a change which I must accept


and move on.

My heart awakens in spring

awakens so willing at Easter time

wishing for goodness to all

who I try to be a light

to be bright

wishing for them that I could go

to Ixtapalapa Mexico

the yearly Passion Play

annually on Good Friday

not as Jesus

the role of whom

I am not worthy

but as one of the many penitents

paraded in a hot dark hood

then my body stripped down

and lashed in front of hundreds

given then a cross beam

upon my shoulder blades

to walk

cloaked in sweat

and blood from my stripes received

to be tied on

to hang next to the others

all of us surrounding their Jesus and the two thieves

during all of which I would pray

that all the struggles or stresses

sadness and depressions

of my family

of my friends

would be given relief

their own joyful awakenings

replacing their darkness

with grace and happiness

due to my undergoing

this day of self endurance

which I would do every year

for all of them

if God gave me the chance.



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