April 28, 2011

A Blessing Having Found You

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you are found

more or less

safe and sound

serving your time

repenting for your crime

with many like you

gathered around.


I am proud

now with joy

I shout aloud

as you do your best

to put to rest

all the storms

of your black cloud.


you are blest

by God our Father

with an inspiring test

to use your talents

improving their choices

so that they avoid

future arrest.


surrounded by love

embracing you tight

like a hand in a glove

as your family and friends’

affection never ends

we are always with you

through the spirit from above.


This is a sequel to “Nobody Wants You (I Do)”

I took a chance and found my former student,

thanks to more advances of the internet.

She is serving an 8 year sentence with 2-3 to go.

She is totally sorry for her part in what happened,

and thinks someone may have slipped her something

which contributed to the accident. 

Her family has NOT dis-owned her as I was fearing and she

is still very strong in her faith, both of which, are helping her

through this.  I wrote her and she was very happy to hear from

me, clearing up the fears I had, via the way others I asked, had been

treating the situation.  She is already doing her part to inspire youth

in the choices they make, and to avoid bad choices, as she belongs to

a group, that goes “out” many times, to do talks to schools, churches,

and other youth oriented situations.  I pray deeply that when her

release does come about, that she can continue this path, back to being

a model citizen.



  1. Mistakes dont define us. How we handle them says a lot. Amazing and soul touching

    Comment by sharmishtha — November 21, 2014 @ 1:56 am

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