May 4, 2011

Almost Ten Years Later

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Better late than never

we anguished as what seemed like forever

to this day I still wonder

if switching to Iraq

stole our forward thunder.

It seemed THEN in Afghanistan

we should have kept with our original plan

with 9/11 we knew the score

in Afghanistan then

we FAVORED war.

W’s policy lost the focus

he thought he would find weapons with hocus~pocus

but thanks to the proud

within our armed forces

we kept digging ahead in both our courses

and now with a leader more intelligent

they finally fullfilled the task of which they were originally sent

I am very glad that we nailed Osama

under the direction of President Obama.

The question is what do we do now

dealing with the taliban somehow

this war on terror has a long way to go

despite cutting down its star of the show.

I know this whole affair is no celebration

for many within our American nation

our government many people no longer trust

they see this as another killing in disgust

for the 9/11 families this a dot of relief

having taken out the one who masterminded their grief.

The best we can do

is keep hoping for peace

so that maybe some day

the terror will cease.

Thank you to all our armed forces for your service in all of this since 9/11.

I am glad that if this had to be done, that it wasn’t a bombing that would have

wiped out all those children, and others, in that compound, with him. 



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