May 18, 2011

Thankfully NOT my last day.

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An afternoon

a rehearsal afternoon

traveling up the hill

up the back road

from my school

unto the high school

for one last rehearsal

almost my last day

was all I could think

when my steering wheel bolted

directly to the left

and out of control.

Suddenly much slower

control was resumed

along with the blessing

that no one was coming

not one truck

loaded from one

of the surrounding farms

not one bus

going to my school

ready for the later run

so I proceeded

but the loud sound persisted

and the smoke began to rise.

All was unknown

driving the van.

What had fallen?

Was I on fire?

Woud it get worse?

I had no idea

and nowhere to stop

on this back hill road

with no shoulder

surrounded by gullies

or fields being planted

all I could do

was keep on moving.

The smoke only thickening

as closer I approached

my destination.

Was it a FINAL destination?

I needed more information

and a place to pull off

to prevent my sudden cremation

ahead it was

the golf course

so in I directed

of course

and soon was taken

down the road

to my rehearsal

with my music load.


The Van I was driving, had a recent recall service done on the rear axle.  While I was driving up to my students’ rehearsal at our high school (this past Tuesday May 17th), the right side of the axle fell.  It jerked my van acutely out of control for a split second. Its a thin road, so if anything was happening to be coming toward me at that moment; toast.   Luckily I gained control while the fallen part scraped against the pavement, and my back tire (thus causing the smoke).  I just kept going, slower, as there was no place to pull off without risk of being nailed from behind.  I had no idea at the time what was happening.  I had no idea of the smoke was going to become something worse, and ignite the gas tank, or who know’s what.  I had no idea it was just the axle.  Thank God for the virtually empty golf course parking lot I could pull into, in order to let the smoke die down. Thank God for the nice people that took me up the road, with my things, to the high school, to be on time for rehearsal.  We found out what had caused this, later, when the tow truck of our regular garage came to pick up the van.  They showed us that the dealership (that had to handle it, since it was a recall) did not put the bolts to the axle in right.  On the right side which fell, they were totally gone.  They said we were lucky the whole thing didn’t fall.  They are repairing it for us, and the dealership (who we contacted to inform them of their lousy service job) has agreed to pay for it.  Thank God things did not turn out worse.  Thank you for taking time to read this.  Hugs always. 


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