July 12, 2011

Good Love

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A good love is like a good wine

savored and cared for

gently, over time

its many days of nutured feelings

are liked the many procured tastes

some so sweet

some so sour

in the changing flavors

of every day and hour.

Some days are like a sweet catawba blush

happy and light on the heart

delicious and delightful to the soul

tasting rose colored tender kisses

enjoying moments of

cohabitated bliss.

Some days are like a semi-sweet

moments just like flavors

you never forget

some moments a little more bold

raising your stress level

but resolving in good taste.

Some days are like

a dry red or white

you feel very dark

very overwhelmed

you need a pick-me-up

to turn on your light.

Some days are just plain sour

like rancid Cold Duck

from your grandparent’s day

that when they offered you a sip

you spit it away.

Some days are like

a succulent dessert wine

an extra surprise

that you did not expect

or did not see coming

with a flavor that lingers on

and inspires you through

rougher days ahead.

Wine of any degree

takes hands of care

and hours of labor

love of any degree

be it a spouse


a good friend

or neighbor

takes persistance

and perseverance

through days of nourishment

and days of drought

so that the best flavors

can be harvested

and the sour tastes

washed out.



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