July 24, 2011

Media Madness

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We once knew

what we knew

how we knew

who we knew

thoroughly through

all the good times

and the bad times too

we had our friends

and they were our crew

we went to the movies

we shared a book

we bought the latest disc

it was all true blue.

Today we have friends

many through our networks

its a beauty to have

all these technological perks

movies and music

on demand

now books on the flat screen

held in our hand

all we have to do

is give a command

and we can make

or break a friendship

on our digital strand.

Are we making vices

out of these little devices

are we selling out our minds

paying high store prices

for every new toy

that they tell us suffices

for the broader mediums

that used to entice us

can we think past the little screens

that they say are more concise

or will our thinking and attention shrink

down to a particle of rice??

So which is better

the old

or the new

do we really know

do we really have a clue

do we want hundreds of friends

do we want just a few

do we still wish to read

a hardcover brand new

do we like our dvds

are cds great to listen to

these are important issues

that in our minds will stew

as we try to chart our future

the way we want to see it through.



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