August 2, 2011

Pursuit of Identity

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A palpatation of falling night

a trepidation of an exaggerated fight

oxidation of an inferred sight

pacification of a pallid sight.


Through this spectrum

I see my mother

at the opposing end

I see my father

in the middle

a paroxysm

like no other

I am not an avocation

of a flagging druther

or a recidivist stained

in a blood without bother.


Pursuing my own accord

some acceptance among the masses

of acquaintances I attempt to afford

not dwelling approximate

to the urban clad horde

I am not the same being of the old white ward

I refuse to demur

brandishing my own smelted sword

my mind

my voice

will not stifle

for their convenience

manically bound and tightly stored.




  1. It is your willingness to speak your mind that makes your works of interest. I would expect no less from the mouth/the hand of one whose utterances always seek to improve the plight of mankind. Stiffle your words, I think not!! Yet another of those rendering which peak my interest…THX, Miguel!!

    Comment by Marvin D Alexander — August 2, 2011 @ 4:22 pm

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