October 18, 2011

Her Road

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She walks a road

not walked

by generations before

generations more willing

generations more responsible

generations more dependable

generations more unbendable

in keeping to their word.


She walks a road

working hard

trying her best

to keep her elders

fully abreast

trying to make time

trying to give time

around her schedule

filled work time.


She walks a road


help she requested


those whom she asked


their toxic ignorance



She walks a road

singing HER OWN songs

forging HER OWN directions

correcting HER OWN wrongs

cleansing HER OWN surroundings

securing HER OWN protections

leaving her thoughtless elders

to THEIR OWN sad reflections.



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  1. Tho’ there was no specification that my assumption it true, your words speak eloquently of the frustrations of young mothers of today, be they unwed, divorced or otherwise in a singular situation! It is a trying time for all, but expecially so of the single parent, in a time where extended family support is no longer the norm! She struggles, but she survives…gaining strength with each new success as she faces the world on her own!! THX for an awareness that all too often is overlooked!!

    Comment by Marvin D Alexander — October 18, 2011 @ 8:23 pm

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