October 25, 2011

Have A Blast!

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Remember the future?

The future of the past?

That future is now

when life would be a blast.

In the future of the past

we were going to live like all

the science fiction characters

whose lives were a blast.

In the future of the past

life by now would be lived

by surviving the great war

of a great atomic blast.

In the future of the past

we would survive a great famine

of materials and food

cosumed by the rich so fast.

Now our future

has come so fast

many gadgets invented

science FACT now amassed.

A famine we ARE surviving

as the wealthy like hornets

now are hiving

but we are occupying

we are striving

to become a civilization

once again thriving

into the faces

of GREED we are diving

our message is clear

we are NOT jiving!

Our new future

our NOW future

is a get up and do

a learn how future

we must labor and produce

life is a field to plow future

what was fiction

was hauled off stage

what is fact

now takes a bow future.

Fiction is settled

in the past

as we occupy

the world

so vast


our future

may still be

a blast.



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  1. As I reread your words, they are familiar, but anew…when the second read is as fresh as the original, it speaks to a creativity which demands a return! Again, I commend you and your works!!

    Comment by Marvin D Alexander — October 26, 2011 @ 12:43 am

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