January 26, 2012

Perfect Time-ing

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Time is GOOD

time is not

to be wasted

we must decide our direction

with no decision hesitated.


Time can slip away

like a vacuum

on high power

so make the best of every minute

every hour after hour

as we age

we must not close

becoming angry

growing sour.


Time is a GIFT

every minute is SHARED

not kept to ourselves

not withheld or spared

every moment

every day

every breath

is a bonus

time is more

than just about us.


Time to smile

time to laugh

time for happiness

within our heart

time to let

another know

in this world

of crazy come and go

that their time

just like our time

is a very special part. 


No time

is necessarily


but every time


to do our best

to be our best

to be a light

among the rest.






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  1. Of the many commodities that we value, there is none that can compare with time…once gone, it can not be replaced! You challenge us to use it wisely! I always enjoy your use of time, your compositions fill my time, “perfectly” … thank you, Sir!!

    Comment by Marvin D Alexander — January 27, 2012 @ 12:05 am

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