February 22, 2012

I Believe In Love

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I may be Catholic

wearing Wednesday ashes

on my head

there is much I hold with pride

there is much I dismiss

with dread

many wonderful things

many terrible things

have been done

have been said.


I like the Spanish word


for this season


it sounds more inviting


it sounds more delighting


LENT sounds bitter and banal

like by a bee  

you have just been stung


sounds like love

as it rolls off your tounge.


I love you if you are black

I love you if you are white

I love you if you are red, tan,

or skin sun yellow bright,

that’s the theme

of this spiritual season

love is the purpose

love is the reason

love for all Christians

Muslims, Hindu, Bhudists, Jews,

love for all human beings

no matter what beliefs

 they choose.




No politician or religious speaker

can sell me their news

if all they do

behind the scenes

is dictate




I may subscribe

to a certain faith

but I also subscribe

to choices

and no manmade dogma

can steer me

of the path

of loving


and voices.






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