April 16, 2012


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Future is a short word

but also a BIG word

a complex word

and unsettled word

a crazier word

than most

ever heard.


Can we REALLY plan our future

like the finance sector

wants us to

can we really draw a map

of what

in time

we can aspire to?


Yes we can hope

yes we can dream

yes we can brainstorm

those are true

but in today’s

world unstable

can we REALLY plan out

what will happen

can we really


see it through?


One day

we have a job

the next day

we do not have it

one day

we have a savings

then the falling markets


prices only seem to rise

like the start


for every person

with a goal

there is another



One day

our world is stable

the next day

a major earthquake

not just in one region

but taking up

a whole ocean

giving off the worried notion

that tsunamis may arise

to wipe out

our forward motion.


One day

there is a midwest town


a tornado

comes to knock it down


state leaders

think they know what is best

by making students only learn

what is on their test.


Is the future

worth our dreaming

worth our planning

worth our hoping

we have to have SOMETHING

not so depressing

to keep our minds from

endlessly stressing

negatively obsessing

or perpetually moping.



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