June 7, 2012

Positively Driven

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 8:33 am

Minds consumed by

daily exhaustion

focused yet unfocused

by un-nerving combustion

in a world of constant

hard-line commotion

by self serving elements that

stifle our motion looking

only to drive us to

an ultimate explosion.


We are preyed upon

like young naive creatures

by those who want to

steal our most outstanding

features to fuel their

own fires to fan their

own desires while for

us they have no passion

we are only

rotted out tires.


We must refuse their

counter efforts we must

diffuse their brow

beating we must send a

hard message not a

meek mindless greeting

that their abuses have

not merit to them we will

not be meeting as away they

will be sent now furiously fleeting.


No one

will break us

no one

will forsake us

no one

will drag us to the oven

and bake us

down the wrong road

no one can

force us or take us.





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