August 8, 2012

Rains So Needed

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 1:25 pm

Rains now washing away

the sunlight that guided

each step taken in

each direction that was

chosen by every individual

in their quest to make

the perfect decision.


Rains painting the sky a

dark spread of night

time indecision leaving

some with clouds that

cause the mind to confuse

what is wanted but some

are given a storm that shuts it down.


Rains feeding a dryness

where it was once planted

the seeds of intention then

only flourished roots that

never spread abundantly thus

causing the grubs of broken

deception to devour quickly.


Rains eroding open the

wishes for a more

prosperous garden of

providing for its seedlings

so that survival was better

suited than having to

deal with the weeds of despair.


Rains washing away the

shame that once dominated the

legs that could only navigate their

way to The Buffalo Crippled

Childrens’ Guild or at least that was

what the old sign said engraved over

the entry and into his mind.


Rains feeding a flourishing

future that may or may not

be the same as the present

state of what is being

harvested in this garden

of open mind and flowing thought

toward what will become the ultimate direction.




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