August 18, 2012

Sense Of It All

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 8:44 pm

A retrospect of time
a production of
the way
not just Hamlisch
“The Way We Were”
but the way
we are
the way
we can be
or could be
want to be
should be.

We carve our identity
God offers us
roads to travel
doors to enter
but we make the choices
we listen to the voices
we react to the noises
we solidify
or let go
of our dignities
and poises.

We choose based on
our hopes and dreams
or perceptions
of entitlement
our shot sighted schemes
that we misguidedly fathom
as our large scale direction
not accounting for
outside judgement
or rejection
while alone we obsess
on our narrow
failing to address
its crumbling infection.

In time we
are often plagued
by locusts
or lice
who erode away
our focus
like pestilent mice
we vow to keep appearances
to play nicey-nice
while behind the smoke
and the two way mirrors
we shoot up again
to sooth our telling vice.

Time is too precious to waste.



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