August 23, 2012

Sensory Segue

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 10:54 am

A sunny morning on a glistening
gentile lake where a soft breeze
touches the surface creating
the tiniest wrinkles of texture
causing the boats at dock
to wiggle just a little.

A town worker is busy trimming
tall grass beneath the benches
keeping beauty to this waterside
scene where many boats
await the moment of untying
and taking the day’s journey.

A pair pull up in a
vehicle carrying a beautiful
canoe that quickly and
efficiently they untie
transporting to the water practicing
for an upcoming race to Saranac.

A family of six boarding
a pontoon wistfully pulls
out of the rental lot
to begin a relaxing
trip of smiling memories
on this sunny resort morning.

A cooler evening in a fresh cut
yard listening to the sounds of summer
passing on as each day moves along
and the humidity is no further
gripping and devouring one’s spirit
and inspiration to move about.

Sounds begin to tell the
story of change in the making
as the melodious bird
songs of spring through July give
way to the mono-tonal pitch of
the August cricket hum.

Night time beginning to an
earlier approach of darkness than
even a day or two ago as the
signals of hunger by coyotes on
the distant hills sound the warning
to retreat for the night.

Summer rites of passage
moving along one by one
as annual schedules of consistent
events approach slowly then
pass quickly as does the seasonal
races toward coming Autumn.



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