September 27, 2012

The Past Same But Different

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 6:10 pm

Looking out from high up

seeing that cylinder

bright shining hotel

that round hotel

where once in a time

a time ago

lived the incredible

Esmeralda Santiago

as my memories begin

out this hospital window.


Remembering a view

from a similar window

Nineteen Seventy Two

above Buffalo

Millard Fillmore

out my window was

construction they

were adding on more

with scaffolds, cranes,

jack hammers galore.


This hospital now

bright and colorful

nurses upbeat

dressed so informal

to me it seems


but it’s the new



I remember a much

cruder stay

no colors

no smiles

to brighten my day

nurses dressed formal

lights kept dim

just a bleak childrens’ ward

of Millard Fillmore

since Buffalo Children’s

had no more

room for this boy

whose tonsils were soar.



Jaime was my roommate

lonely and scared

his mom did not stay

like mine did

they left him to endure

all on his own

so my mom

took charge

she was his mom

on loan

she read to him

all night

to ease his

frightened tone

for my daughter


one thing

is known

she is not

so frightened

and NOT

left alone.




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