September 30, 2012

Testing The Times

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 6:29 pm


A time ago

we were thriving

doing our best

or so they said.


We were America

the example nation

of a top rate




Somewhere in

the wake of that


we have suffered a




We have sold the whole person

we have sold them overseas

to the sweatshops

to cheap labor

fallen to their knees.


We once worked hard

in Language

in Math

we also spent time

in school plays

in concert band



all activities

were held with pride

in our educational hand.


Parents had local jobs

our schools stood tall

when industry went overseas

our mountain high

began to fall

now the smoke has cleared

to chart a brain drained course

our personal thinking

has hit a limestone wall.


Our children

have become like

sweatshop slaves

who will carry the knowledge

of bubbling scantrons

and number two pencils

from now

unto their graves.


We are approaching

the world of Rush’s


where it does not matter how

one expresses

one thinks

as long as we follow

the narrow minded rules

of our narrow minded


who are now the new


of the temples

of syrynx.




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