June 25, 2013

Feeling At Peace

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 4:47 pm

Spirit of the wind
it took me some
time filled with days of
unrest to finally feel your
warm relaxed presence run
across my shoulders giving
me a greater sense of calm.

A feeling of relief
projects from my slow
deep uninhibited breaths
as your steady cascading
airstream tames my
impulses and reassures
my overspent mind.

You take me on a journey
along with your sister
spirits of rain, sunshine,
and morning dew caressing
me, washing, drying, and
freshening my spirit while my
whole being sings out joyful songs.

A renewed body, spirit,
and soul, I now feel
great joys inside projecting
love, affection, and
warmth to all those who
are open to receive me for
all that is my entire story.

In juxtaposed illumination
a light of healing to any
loved one saddened by
others who do not share
light but inflict darkness
and dreaded despair that
only feels more like death.

There is something about a
gentle breeze even on
the hottest overwhelmingly
humid days that makes
me feel a sense of ecstasy
inside and out that I
know is hard to feel at other times.

What a glory on a
hot evening to feel that
breeze travel across my
yard while nearby birds
call to each other for
reassurance that all is
well with the sun slowly setting.


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