June 27, 2013

One Vs. Another

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 4:53 pm

Many mentalities ago
years of thought and
philosophies long
past it was easy
or fairly clear so
they told us to tell
the difference between
a good and a bad form
of government.

Good governments were
those who served the
people and helped their
nation to prosper
keeping important
the common good
the good of the many
the good of the nation and
its future.

Bad governments so
we were told were all
the dictators of the world
who kept their
people at bay suppressed
from expression and
self opinion while
keeping the good of
the nation to themselves
and in many cases
the military while
disguising it as a plan
that everyone was to be
“equal” with no rich or poor
classes while in reality it
was all about them.

There still exists this
mentality of extremes
of people believing in one
governmental system or another
but there seem to be more
flaws than ever around the
world so that what is good
and what is bad run
greater parallel to each other.

Democracies still point
many fingers to the evils
of a dictator’s nation
while at the same time
the people they rule are
granted affordable healthcare
low cost dentistry
and an equal chance
in a higher education.

BUT in those dictatorships
people have NO say
when a question is
asked the answer is
usually NO WAY
the greatest hope
people carry in their
hearts is some other
time some other day.

Democracies today seem
to only pass bills that are
driven by their rich friends
motivation instead of truly
helping their common
good voters access
better food
better health
and education.

Democracies paint a picture
of a great and victorious
nation while today
the rich only
care to get
in this
digital dependent

I guess it all comes down
to what you prefer
either waiting in
long lines for distributed
food or going to the store
but not being able to afford what
is healthy because prices constantly rise
(while the rich elected
lawmakers could care less).



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