July 8, 2013

Summers Gone By

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 11:02 am


A long time ago
in a neighborhood
of houses
roofs with chimneys and
antennas separated by strips
of driveways and
squares of sidewalks
there were summers.

Year in and year
out summer came
then just as it does
now as the last day
of school finally arrived
we five oldest lived like
the freedom of that
June day would last forever.

We swam in my mom’s
pool we biked all
over as long as
we did not cross
certain “over busy”
streets we did things and
went places impossible
in summers of today.

Riding our bikes on sidewalks
which you cannot do in that town
now we would take our change
from our pockets to the new
Burger King slamming down our
tires operating the drive-thru
just to order some fries for which
they gave us dirty looks at the window.

We only caught hell
if we did not “ask first”
like when we went to
our first PG movie
“without their permission”
to see Meatballs we
were kids on our own
without the worries today.

Year in and year
out summer freedoms
came to an end just
as they do now
hanging bored playing
games on our porch we
dreamed of moving to Arizona to
escape Septembers coming reality.



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