July 18, 2013

Unhealthy Inflation

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 11:26 pm

They sat holding
hands at an outdoor
table dining on wine
and spaghetti.

They pondered with every pedestrian
or moving vehicle many questions.

Why do we care so much about
outcomes of high profile
news stories but not about issues
that affect our neighbor close by?

We protest high profile injustice but
ignore the injustice of rising up prices.

The people deciding this do not
care over rising prices they do not
despair they have no real financial
challenge to struggle through or compare.

What will we do when the cost of milk
is too high for us to drink healthy?

Congressional Republicans lead by
Eric Cantor tore apart the Farm Bill
thinking that milk only comes
from Suburban Virginia grocery stores.

We try to eat healthy while the prices
to do so rise and only unhealthy foods stay low.

They ponder these thoughts
as the price of good company and
a good meal for just the two of them is
more expensive than only last month.

They sit thankful because next
month the same total will make them settle for water.

They consider that down the
road while they still work hard there
will be so much more up against them
just to eat in a reasonable restaurant.

Why are we concerned with what is so big
on tv but for the greater good we settle for less?



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  1. glad to know someone else thinks like me! it makes me wonder too! why do we bother about kate and harry’s kid and don’t worry about the sky high price of vegetables!

    Comment by sharmishtha basu — July 19, 2013 @ 3:09 am

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