December 25, 2013

Christmas In The Seventies

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 7:10 pm

So many memories
of Christmas in
the seventies when
I was a child so
young in times so
wild such a time less
crazy shopping in the
stores when Christmas
adds did not start until
after Thanksgiving
a time when there
existed less expensive living
tv specials also waited
until Mid December
to see your favorites
you had to remember
each was on only once
if you missed you shed
a tear knowing full well
not again until next year
adults had quite a stash
of Christmas variety specials
from Bing Crosby to Bob Hope
The Osmonds or Johnny Cash
life seemed less crazy
between the days and
the nights we always fit
in a drive to see the lights
back when it was considered
fancy just to have blinking
way before LED and
inflatable thinking
downtown wires and poles
covered with giant lights
state rules not as
restricting to towns’
and cities’ sights
when Catholic Churches were
near full for High
Mass at Midnight crowded
early for music of the spirit’s
delight people went at
earlier times but most
did not until the
clock’s twelve chimes
Christmas then as
Christmas now made
as merry and beautiful
as we
have known




  1. back then gifts were cherished, now they are compared.

    Comment by Sharmishtha Basu — December 26, 2013 @ 9:24 am

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