January 19, 2015

Words Affecting

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Do we with
know what we’re doing?
Do we try to provoke
only thinking it
a joke
do we rave with a chip
high on our shoulder
expressing ourselves
not wiser nor older?
Do we aim our words
with a specific attack
copping an attitude
when others give flack
having no clue that
we should watch our
own back
thinking no problem
when we talk smack
showing our own
sorry yackety-yak
as the problem
for others to believe
as so whack?

Do we make believe
others cannot see
our own unwound
Is there some misguided
characteristic that we
hold over others
as some grand mastery?
Using words to destroy
others mercilessly
only confirms how
we think so frivolously.

Using voices
making choices
defy us
as they decry us
stifling our freedom
afraid we will
defeat them
on the nightly
news its violence they
choose to fight no
matter whose story
is right with fires
in sight they battle
through the night
shining no pride
on their dawn’s
early light
attempting to stomp
out might for right
let freedom defeat
their fearsome plight.



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  1. so many people don’t know the power/effect of words just spill them around!

    Comment by Sharmishtha Basu — March 21, 2015 @ 12:51 am

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