April 21, 2015

Star of Loisada

A long time
since you helped raise
Victor Vargas
a long time
since that trademark smile
weathered the advances
of Victor’s pana.

With the combined expression
of those eyes and that smile
your films have become my favorite style.

With that voice so mellow
at each character’s first “hello”
you bring out smiles from your co-stars
tan guapo y bello.

You’ve played
and you’ve paid
in these amazing Indie rolls
each caught in a dramatic
love-lost trance
as your once “un-known” name
began to climb
the ladder of fame
being crowned one year
as Queen of Sundance.

And now finally here you are
in a big film role
with a big-time co-stare
while the scene may put
you in such a familiar stride
of a story told
of The Lower East Side
no longer can Hollywood
run and hide
from your trademark smile
and your expressive style
that has become a
big-screen symbol
of true Boricua pride!

One day
after a red-carpet walk
an Oscar will
no longer be
just speculation
and talk.

Viva Melonie Diaz!



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