July 9, 2015

Woman Of Wine

Copy (2) of DSC02623

Streams of water rushing

down in a steady brook-like

formation as the terrain

of a gravel ridden path

is overcome and overwrought

by days of unrelenting rain.

As morning’s light shines through

her enhanced window of homespun

delight she awakens from a

night where her spirit flew endlessly

into and out of the arms of fantasies desired.

Dressing in the bounty of her

fashion so fascinating to the

eye she wends her way down

the path her supple shoulders

illuminated by the bright

presence of the sun no longer

absent as in the days of recent past.

Step by step she avoids the rushes

and the mud created by the former days of

rain which kept production at bay

but availed her a spiritual and

emotional cleansing of her skin

her heart her mind and

her soul as she took contentment

and took enjoyment at the reception

of every drop upon her ever beauteous face.

Having made her way down

the path she approaches the acres

of priceless treasured grapes

ornamented upon the inspiring hillside

of the glistening nearby coast.

Many hours choosing

many hours sampling

many hours handpicking the

finest of the vines

that her pallet perceives

as the richest and sweetest

as if kissing the lover

of her night’s greatest longings.

Hours passing sun

setting as night’s

stars and the moon’s glow

replace the day’s sun with a

light more reserved but calm and

void of reproaching clouds and storms.

A light shines through another enhanced

window where she bathes so beautiful

in jasmine, rose petals, and coconut

zest easing the pangs of her long labors

enjoying the quiet

enjoying the comfort

of bathing her body

surrounded by candles

of vanilla and cinnamon

while she sips a glass

of the production her heart

is daily inspired

daily desired to help

with love to




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