October 10, 2015

Amazing Cycle

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The lights of early

morning put to rest

the plight

of the night

as the dragonfly

now takes its absence

in the ragweed until

dusk calls it to action

once again.

My skin is overcome

with a fervor I cannot

understand as I feel an

energy about me that

sensitizes my desires

evoking what was once

an inert ascendancy

now feeling a resurgent

tendency to receive the

day ahead

soulfully renewed

spiritually re-fed.

Nearby a jet

plane earmarked for its

long flight to come

shines a silver gleam

in the rays of the ascending

perspicacious sun galvanized

in order to effectuate

the wishes the hopes and

dreams of the many it will telpher.

The momentum built within

that carrier sent to ascend

toward Santo Domingo

is what vesicates within me

a desire within my heart for

complete succession of the journey that

holds me impelling each

day’s direction.

Spirits surround me I detect

their presence they bring

about a peaceful realm

that settles about me I cannot

see them as they look at me

but I can sense each one

as they place upon me their

hands of blessing to bring

out from within me the

energy and the will to

make each day a glorious

journey allowing

the dragonfly to t up

flight as dusk approaches again.



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