October 28, 2015

Miles In Our Moccasins

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We walk so many

paths some are

sunny and full of

bright vibrant colors

some are drab and

dreary more dull

darker somewhat eerie

as we move from one

life event in a whole

day or just a few hours.

So much awaits us

as we try to steer

into the winds of change

ahead as we hope and

dream to steer clear

of every unraveling loose

thread that may lead us

to destruction to end

us up dead we

desire instead to

stand at the head

navigating with momentum

not hiding out in bed

helping out with compassion

those who cannot tread

through floods that surround

them in rising waters that

could drown them as

other efforts only bound

them in a jacket of lead.

We walk a path no matter

the surface of softer rural gravel

or harder urban cement

of sandy coastal beaches

or grassy central fields

every path has its light

every scene

can be blazing

with color so bright

through eyes willing to

see that changing scenes

can be amazing

from a beautiful new

mural to a cow

quietly grazing

we cannot fix our eyes

as the sun and moon

complete each phasing

toward narrow fixed horizons

that we are only willing

to be gazing

a path outside our “comfort zone”

should not be seen as “brutal hazing”

wherever that path may lead

from Maine clear to Beijing

we cannot let a storm be

our only norm

we must open

our eyes

our hearts

our minds and

stop the senseless raging.


stop the raging.



  1. From Maine to Beijing 👍 I really enjoyed this piece start to finish

    Comment by becomingveritate — October 28, 2015 @ 6:32 pm

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