November 10, 2015

Will Freedom Last Forever?

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We walk free day

after day to wherever

we happen to be going

focused on our destination

while in our mind knowing

that no one has the right

to be slowing us down

from our progress ahead.

So many cry out today

about Socialism. When

they do, do they really know

what TRUE Socialism is

anymore? Do they remember

the long Cold War when

we all feared that nukes

could settle the score?

Do they remember The Wall

and Reagan’s call for that

wall to finally fall?

How funny we kids thought

of the ways Soviet

kids must be taught

that they could only

be what the government

could see, keeping them

from being what they

individually thought.

My biggest memory I

can never dismiss

was how Russians

and Cubans once

Christian faithful

were barred from Christmas

every year the same

statement on Christmas

Night on the nightly news

that “The Soviet Government

officially recognized the existence

of Christmas but dismissed

Santa Clause as a product

of capitalist propaganda.”

Every year that same

statement from Tom Brokaw,

Peter Jennings, or Dan Rathor

about places where

freedom and joyful

celebration did not matter.

Do we believe all the

political opinionated chatter

that hardline Socialist

or Communist western nations

could again climb

the ladder steamrolling

their people into a flattened

sticky batter leaving them

to starve while the leaders

get fatter?

Freedom for children

to simply play and climb a fence

instead being blocked by

a wall and troops stiff

and tense. Let us hope

that for all, freedom will


“past tense”.



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