November 21, 2015

Old New Again

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So many things old

old and outdated

old and been there

done that don’t care

so last Tuesday are

coming back around

rising again from below

the ground as if they

are new as if they were

invented just last Tuesday.


Retro is the

name of the show. How did

it happen? I do not know.

As a child in the 1970s

everything old was just that

everything old was totally flat

everything old was tattered and worn

only new things new styles

and new songs were the accepted norm.


In the 1970s I liked

The Beatles or I should

say I was allowed to

like The Beatles because

my mother would not allow

Kiss, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, or

Black Sabbath to enter her

house or cross her path

paranoid we would fall

into a drug infested wrath

while my friends all liked

the new sounds, the

new songs, the new

styles while my liking

The Beatles did not

draw many smiles.


In the 1980 the

60s became cool

in the 90s the 70s

and disco again would

rule, as it was funny to

see all my students

in school liking the

songs that seemed

long gone long

dead way out of

time in my head.



Now the 80s have come back

and the 90s are on the way

every Friday morning my favorite

Top-40 station 106.7 “The Border”

plays 2 hours of anything from

back in the day, as television,

movies,  and even Broadway

are renewing  plots, ideas, and

characters of an older

program, or long forgotten play.


Styles of clothes, sports

uniforms, accessories,

are bringing back old

looks and forms

that used to be

old, patterns that seemed

all washed up all worn

out all replaced by what

the new was supposed to

be about.


Vinyl records around

for it seemed like forever

replaced by cds.

Would they come back?


But lo and behold

there is once again

an LP-making mold

maybe to remedy the

sad state that songs

online are pirated and

sold leaving artists and

royalties out in the cold.


There is an

ever growing list

of what is new

from what was

old what you think

is out of style today

may be tomorrow’s

new gold.





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