February 7, 2016

To Follow Or To Deviate

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Following down the remote

secluded highway the

daily route traveling from

dawn to dusk the appearance

of choices to change direction

evolve as endangered and

utterly absent.

Further along a rising

oasis emerges from what

was thought to be no

alternative but to traverse

forward the question arising

is this a decision worth making

a territory worth staking

a new turn worth taking?

Is the sun truely shining

or is this just unfocused

pining for a day of glory

that does not truely

exist here but is only

enticing me away

from dedication

leading me to ponder

like expired medication

whether or not this is

my new destination?

Beauty in the eye like

the Caribbean chica

brown to the skin

and jet black hair I must

ask myself if she is really

standing there is her

presence true and pure

or is it thin as open air?

She may or may not

be there just like the palms

that surround her and

the tranquil pool nearby

she may only be an

empty dream of pie

in the sky no more alive

than the large horsefly that

falls before me on

its way to die does she

represent a new

a true direction or is

this just empty misconception

shallow in perception

yet full of deception?

Any new alternative

direction a tropical

setting a rocky mountainside

a glorious field of

floral pride may

appear a better

choice in my

ear hearing a

voice to turn or

not I must decide.





  1. Thought provoking words, Miguel. I especially admired the ponder ‘expired medication’ lines. It’s going to take me a year to finish my library but I will ask to reblog a poem from you soon 🙂 I always enjoy my reading time here.

    Comment by Laine Anne Jensen — February 10, 2016 @ 12:14 am

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