February 28, 2016

Journeys Ahead

Facing so much

dead ahead so many

factors and decisions

not knowing what will

truly occur.

Was it really me

that made this happen

was it the way I

was made that made

her that made this

road ahead so uncertain

in destination?

She walks down the

many roads with many

stops to make along

the way and as she

does the distractors

arise from the woodworks

before her she

stops she listens to

their lingo some she lets

take to the leaves along

the side some she offers

to join for the ride.

She knows them she

knows their names and

never forgets no matter

the time or the place

but they no matter the

good who treat her right

or the others who treat

her with contrite they all

know not her daily plight

that restricts her by day grips

her by night against which she

will not go down without

a fight despite the grim

defiant shadows she vows

each moment to take

delight she deflects their

toxins reflects her light

determined to forge a

future so bright.




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