March 19, 2016

What A (Campaign) Trail!

Did we know
we were forging
this mess of
a direction toward
the mess that has
become this next
election as everyone
of them thinks they are
God’s handmade
perfection as they all
cop an attitude of blatant
deflection toward the rising
platitude of violent insurrection
that has soiled the face of
our national complexion
each accusation finding no real
detection while inside they all
carry real neglection toward
real issues such as the ongoing
subjection of the ever rising
cost of a life saving
injection blaming all problems
on those making the defection
to our country seeking its
employment its shelter and
affection while none of
them has a means of
real correction to the problems
to which We The People
serve up objection
to our pleas we
add a PLEASE only
receiving rejection
while they hide behind their
pride and their wallet’s

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