March 28, 2016

All Belonging

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We want to build
walls against
invaders suddenly
we  become the haters
patroling the
streets where we think
live the carriers setting up
our mind’s own narrow cut
barriers causing hate to
manifest from within while
on the out we point
the finger to another color skin.
Every religion, nationality,
gender, culture,
and race has its moderate
thinkers mixed with
a more extremist
face passing hateful
swell all over the place
building its destructive
loveless base
of men
of women
in every case
who come to believe
that others are
the worthless
inhuman disgrace
for whom bullets and bombs
should ensue a deadly
Countries are cracking
like a dollar store
vase while a hateful
aroma invades the air
like mace
we need to break
down the hate
we need to heal this
mental case
not with separation
or isolation but
the knowledge to
embrace the many
people many beliefs
many spirits many
hearts that complete
this God given world
and all its many
different parts.
We live here not to
make it one in
the same but one
of variety free of
prejudice or shame
once we all believe it
once we all achieve it
we then become winners
in this life long game.

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