May 26, 2016

A Path Toward Ignorance

He walks alone along
the parkway of forgotten souls
they ravage in hunger
after a future unattainable
he avoids looking their way
not desiring the gaze of
their eyes so fixed with want.
They reach to grab his
ankles as he increases the
determined pace of his
direction determined to
avoid interaction with
them knowing their fate
he wishes avoidance for himself.
He envisions their lives
surrounded only by the
garbage of disposal and
despair thinking his own
life is above it all and
purified not aware of
the cracks beneath as the
world becomes more gentrified.
He walks out of a neighborhood
and into another
not able to tell who is
his sister or brother personalities
whitewashed into the gutter
in favor of the product
of the corporate cookie cutter.
Where is his next turn
to the next block
letting it continue to burn or
can he look into these souls
desiring to help their
plight ahead with compassion
and care as concepts he can learn?

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