September 8, 2016

“Dunkin-Ing Down”

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 12:04 pm

We are dummying down

to ethnic culture

we frown

we want the

same old

same old

all over town

wishing that other

cultures, races, and

languages in the

East River would

DROWN we think that

high rent for trendiness

should wear The Big

Apple’s crown.


On this block a Starbucks

and a Dunkin

onto the next block a

Starbucks and a Dunkin

onto every other block

a Starbucks and a Dunkin

it’s not a wonder that

our diets and our

weigh-ins are FLUNKIN’!!


From all the calories they
sucker us into we are

clunkin’ down the walk we

have dusted over the chalk

every vision and every voice

that wants to rise up and

talk about why their expression

has made new generations

balk about food, art, and culture

made by hand replaced by a

processed, un-natural brand

slowly turning back in time

to when everything was bland

with no excitement or color to

make the city grand we once

used to believe than not all

should be the same we learned

cultural cleansing like in Nazi Germany

was a sad, unspeakable SHAME

but today we forget and play

a similar game forcing out

any culture we see as

different or inane.




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