October 6, 2016

These Campaigns

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Every politician

on the attack

every politician

needs to set down

their arsenals and

sit down with their

opponent and have

a little snack maybe

a latte maybe a Big Mac

taking for a minute their

eyes off the prize of accusing

all the others of the

dirtiest lies.


They need to sit down

and simply remember

how people can actually

get along together simply

agreeing to disagree letting

voters decide who the

winner will be.


Every politician who is

on the attack is a person

themselves totally wack

with a narrow mind that

does not know jack

who totally needs a

whack in the back for

always giving flack and

always talking smack

to the debate moderators

they need to cut slack

interrupting every question

with more yackety-yack

after a while it is like hearing

an old duck quack with so

many voters wishing to

fall through the crack thinking

no candidate will ever

win them back.




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