November 13, 2016

Not Falling Down

Filed under: Poetry, Uncategorized — migueltio @ 9:06 pm

That leaf that

falls from the

tree that leaf is

not me as the dust

swiftly clears from

the ground my heart

and soul are still around.


The winds that wail

will never break my

sail never selling out

to any slug mulling

about attempting to

fashion a gaping hole

into my train of thought

wishing for me to bail.


The shattering of

broken glass blocking

the path of mine and

of many to follow

through with dreams

and directions will

not cut in with

bloody insurrections.


You cannot beat

me down I am

not some creepy

costumed clown

who is going to

throw eggs and

break the legs

of the many whose

desires are not

to drown being

dragged on a

useless trek from

town to town

drinking the water

soiled to brown

with blood, sweat,

and dirt streaming

from the hurt

drawn from the

sufferings of

the thorny crown.






  1. Creatively written. Beautiful

    Comment by whitneyibeblog — November 14, 2016 @ 1:35 am

  2. Do we love this guy or what people, Migueltio is the poet of a lifetime and his work is available for whoever chooses to listen. The poem had me in tears of solitude. Please buddy, check out my blog at Gastradamus. It would be a pleasure to have the presence of a mastefull poet like yourself. If you can Check out Miss Scarlet… The Empty Voter… blue jasmine. They are all incredible and I would love feedback from a great writer like yourself

    Comment by Gastradamus — November 20, 2016 @ 1:39 am

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