January 26, 2017

Weight Of The Wood

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 8:07 pm



Living with the wood



resilient wood on the

beautiful native White

Pines dotting the yard

my yard and the

neighbors yard almost all

like fields behind my house.


The tall pines around us

some Spruce others Scotch

not as tall as the White Pines

native to our land others were

imported so they adjusted

they may be tall but to

the Whites they are small.


The wood so beautiful and stout

stands guard over nature offering

a home for birds, squirrels, and a

café filled with feed for deer,

ground hogs and others in or

among its needle-toned branches.


The branches filled with green

and the pinecones that add

such a beautiful scene

stretch out to touch the heavens

except for when their biggest

fears are realized

on the days when falling

ice has materialized

they are weighted down

like the chains on the

slave-rowers of Ancient

Rome leaning hard

creating havoc for every

creature calling each branch

their apartment home

they have to vacate like

The Barrio or Bronx

in the old days

but instead of a landlord’s

arsonist fires

they are at the

mercy of Nature’s ways.


Under the ice

under the weight

so down

so hard

the wood does fall

crumbling to the

ground like The Berlin Wall

leaving room for new

branches to one day


one day shine

one day show

the world their natural beauty.




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