May 5, 2017

About Cinco

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What about

Cinco De Mayo?

What about


What if Mexico

had not won?

What if Mexico

had not defeated

France? What if a

literal army of peasants

had not taken a passionate

persevering stance shutting

down Napoleon The Third’s

military advance?


What more about France

that country we see with eyes

of adventurous romance?

Could a young America have

been its next conquest if

a victory over Mexico would

have afforded such a chance?


The vision was perfect

had it all gone as planned

first defeat Mexico then

advance across

The Rio Grande

join up with Jefferson

Davis to walk with The

Confederates hand in hand

defeating Sherman and Grant

thus forcing Lincoln to surrender

every acre of Yankee land then

eventually turning on Jackson

and Lee forcing Dixie’s armies

to run for the southern coastal

sand thus promoting to England

and Spain a new dominant

French imperial brand.


Could that all really have

happened? Yes, the chance is

distinctively so had it not been for

The Battle of Puebla and a

May Fifth Victory for Mexico.



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