May 20, 2017

Sometimes Good To Look Back

Filed under: Poetry, Uncategorized — migueltio @ 11:18 am

I see bridges burning

over the horizon a fog-like

smoke already building

making vision an entity

of difficulty some saw coming

but others denied.


History was always a teaching

of lessons to make us

better like practicing our

writing of every cursive letter,

we were supposed to learn

from the past from every

war from every scandal we

were supposed to improve with

age like a fine

sharp cheddar.


There are too many for whom

history’s lessons have become

to old whose souls have

been demonically sold leaving

real people and their lives in

the cold casting upon that

fine cheddar a protruding

green mold causing dedication

to fall way from the

fold while the purveyors of

commercialism and terrorism

snicker over their new lost

city of fool’s gold raising a

cloud of fear and doubt

so that no truths be told

taking the high road by

which they can further

withhold what was once

a genuine article of

courageous direction








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