June 23, 2022

3 New Poems

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Hello all. Back in the spring I wrote 3 poems which I never got the chance to type out and share. My surgery compacted with Covid not long after my recovery) slowed me down, and then after that, things just got crazy and I had no time. Finally I do.

The first one “Spring Tired” is about recovering from my surgery and then getting Covid later that month. The second one is my sorrow over what happened in Buffalo and then the third with what happened not long after Buffalo, in Uvalde.

Here they are.

“Spring Tired”

The sun rises

every morning

in Spring to

a new brightness

to a new promise

to a new hope

of a new day.

For two weeks my

rains have not stopped

falling my winds have

not stopped blowing

causing many obstacles

that have kept my

dreams stalling and

diversions that have

kept my inspirations


I am trying to be

inspired I am trying

to live up to being

that person whom

everyone around me

has mentally


and emotionally


I am trying to live up

to every standard that

has been required

but as I go on

every circle of the

sun seems to drain

me making me

more mentally


and emotionally


So many

have been where

I recently was

we all want the

quick fix we all

want to be hot wired

despite the toll of

all that has transpired

despite the sudden

down fall like a gun

that misfired.


“For Buffalo”

For you I cry

my tears along

with all the others

though I am far

away your citizens

are still my sisters

and brothers

I always loved you

and I still do

The Kensington

The Scajaquada



Summer Jazz at

The Albright and

Niagara Square

various parts of

Elmwood became

my weekend


fabulous nights

at Shea’s

The Tralf

The Aud

going to St. Louis

Church to give

praise to God

fabulous summers

when nights take

forever to get dark

enjoying Tito Puente

Maynard Ferguson

Ben E. King with

fireworks on the

stage at LaSalle


So far away today

but not so far

is my heart

for you and

all you are

undergoing while

so many are

reaching out and

genuinely showing

that they really do

care God Bless all

of The East Side

God Bless that

whole population

of The Queen City’s

African American

pride God Bless

all the families of

those who senselessly

died please God can

we stop this sad sick

demented pattern of

racial and cultural



“Sadness Repeated”

Again we shed

multiple tears

having been told

that someone

once again has

fanned the flames

that fire up our


Why can civilians

have military guns

they have no


it makes no


they shoot off

round after round

with no idea or

care for the personal

sorrowful tragic

expense causing us

again to say we have

lost more beautiful

young souls

and their young


What is it

that has made

young people

so desensitized

to the destruction

of lives that their

actions have

underscored and

emphasized the

kind of guns that

of once we were

frightened seem to

make them more

inspired and

enlightened to fulfill

their thrills or settle

their scores because

they think only

missiles and bombs

are used to fight

today’s real wars

to them those guns

are the master and

they have become

their whores they

do not fear anything

not even a virus that

could potentially kill us

not wanting anyone

to vaccinate or

pill us the do not

fear that it could make

you lose your mind

or control of your

breath even worse than

the next who’s been

fryin’ up the meth

so it is no surprise

that in their eyes

massive kills for

thrills are no big

shock as many

were more shocked

when Will slapped


What can we do to

save our next

generations our

leaders no matter

the side of the aisle

have to come to better

negotiations and stop

these raging politics

that it’s “my or the

highway” or our whole

nationwide could

potentially die away

nothing is wrong

with learning the ways

of the guns of respect

the kinds that

have been in the

family hunting

cabinets for years

they just need to

take away the access

to the military-like

ones that have

caused all these

senseless losses of

lives bathed in

blood and tears.


1Shannon Foster Larson

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