September 9, 2022

Rights Broken

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 11:42 pm

Since when did the

concept of human

rights become

actions that are

up to no good

why do we no longer

care for one another

as we should becoming

so judgemental not only

based on another’s 

physical but also 

another’s political


Why has it become so

kewl to think it is

our right to be socially

cruel we preach but 

then we do not practice

The Golden Rule only

using its principle as a



moronic tool.

It has become our right 

to be inconsiderate our

right to be oppressive our

right to steal as we have

become gargantuanly

greedy but when we are

on the side of want we

put up a superficial of

community pride so 

over dramatic so overtly

obsessive and so self

righteously super


Our right to be


our right to be


our right to


as easy as a

happy infant eats its

favorite spoon of 


our right to


our right to 

put down

our right to

spread toxic


all over town

our right to

throw daggers

our right to

throw darts

our right to 

break and then

toss the glass

that severs others’


The rights of




the rights to

work together

to create

something better

where did they all


they were not the 

rights that would

hide on the side

they were what 

we upheld they 

were the whole


the rights 

to support

to raise up

to love

those were

the rights

it seemed

we mostly

used to know.


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