September 22, 2022

The Eagle Flies Free

Filed under: Poetry — migueltio @ 9:02 pm

The eagle having soared to

it’s brand new perch with

an older owl nesting close

by the eagle and the older

owl flew through each day’s

passing sky sometimes

closer sometimes 

further never forcing the

other to wing erratically too

high never leading the

other to wasted fields or

stagnant creeks once of

bountiful beauty that

became so empty so

arid and dry.

The owl eventually withdrew

it’s nest still as strong as the

sharpened point of a brand

new arrow now occupied by

a younger seemingly more

dignified potentially more

unified brand new sparrow.

The eagle and the sparrow 

seemed to fly together til

a period erupted of stormier

weather the sparrow’s 

visions of flight taking on

a much narrower mind

constantly looking for it’s 

own pies in the skies while

leaving the wisdom and

honor of the great eagle

steadying it’s course 

behind as it flew ever

faster more arrogant

more self-centered

generally narrow-minded

and unkind.

The great eagle

it’s eyes

it’s mind

on all its generations

of fearless risks

and soaring flights

through stressful trials

and successful creations

will continue on to spread

it’s wings to inspire any 

who see the value of

it’s heartfelt





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