July 7, 2018

Keep Calm And Give It Time

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Dear Al Roker,

You are always

great at bringing out

the best our country has to offer.


In every location you

travel to you highlight

what makes that

place tick

from the best deli or diner

to the best ice cream

the best theatre, festival

or attraction you always have a way of

searching out the action that keeps the

locals residing there

filled with satisfaction.


But what about New York?

What about your own New York,

that unique New York

that once was not just a carbon

copy of chain suburban shopping

or dining now as every week passes

more New Yorkers born and bred

are pining for the “Joey’s” or the “Stella’s”

and any other independent brick and mortar

or unique mom and pops who

little by little are being replaced

by chains as they close up their shops.


New York is a city

that cannot be wrapped up

in a squeaky-clean package

New York is a city

that cannot be controlled

while for now politicians and

big money real estate brokers

and developers think that

New York can be sold

leaving its tired

its poor

its huddled masses

stranded in the cold.


You cannot control expression

and culture you cannot

leave either for dead to be

devoured by the circling vulture.


New York for now may

appear to be wrapped up

in a trendy package

that may seem to squeaky

clean suburban out of town

visitors to be a glorious super

sized shopping mall but do

not be fooled as time passes

there will be a great

rise of the masses

whose strength



and inspiration

will come forth to

reclaim it all.


New York will never

totally be what the

present trendy gurus

say, New York will

never totally be a

mirror of Disney’s

Main Street USA

as more and more

chains close locations

nationwide, soon they

will be forced to close

the locations East Side

West Side all around the

town as eventually the

chain choke hold on

The Sidewalks of New York

will gradually begin to drown

hopefully giving a city back

to its people, hopefully, I say,

allowing them to polish off,

once again, New York’s

expressive and inspirational






June 20, 2017

Stop Erasing The True Colors

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DSC03528Can you see?

Can you see


Do you see

do you see

me do you

see the real

me part of

me all of me?

I am here

in front of

your face do

I strike fear

into your happy

place I have a

face I have a

voice If you will

not see or hear

me that is your

ignorant choice.

I have a real

mind a real

heart a real

soul I am of

real color with

real joy to



Every day you

pass me by

you have a

chance to see

my eyes instead

you opt to keep

your eyes on your

prize your little

device like artificial

eyes in disguise full

of artificial love

that only spreads

real lies as you

return to your




glass shoebox

that makes you

feel entitled to

rise higher than

the realities that

are found below

the skies.


People sleeping on

the floor on the

ground while you

have your earbuds

to drown out the

sound of the

many hard workers

around you whose

futures have drowned

while you pay homage

only to your royal

self whom you feel

entitled to have



The links of the

chain of chains

is choking the

urban vibe into

a suburban pain

while chains

themselves are

struggling and

closing more and

more the cities get

a hosing down defacing

with more chains

popping giving indy

business and

neighborhood character

a mindless replacing.


The expression and

character of the

theatre the

musicals the

plays even

Broadway The

Great White Way

who is to say they

are immune every

overture every

entr’acte every

TONY winning

tune who’s to

say that some

day all those

theatres couldn’t

get shown the way

being chased to The

Jersey Burbs in a really

big hurry with a

senseless vision of

“A Musical Mall” or

a village of theatres

like Branson



Walk with me

dance with me

hear my music

see my art

read my poetry

eat my food

learn my language

wear my clothes

choosing just one

one of those

would give you a

true and proactive

start toward

experiencing what life

in New York or other

cities could be you

need to come down

to earth this planet

of your birth and

visualize and

realize and

rationalize so that

maybe we can

rematerialize what lives

in New York and

other cities should




July 26, 2016

My Day in NYC!! 7/23/16

May 24, 2016

My Frida

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My Frida Kahlo sketch and the tile I made from it.

April 27, 2016

My Book, Lower Price!!

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Hello! Just wanted to share that my book is now on sale at a lower price!

$6.oo US and lower also on Amazon UK and Amazon Europe!!

Its available in both soft cover and Kindle forms.

I hope some of you will check it out!!  Hugs and have a great day!!



Product Details

September 25, 2014

El Cantante Art!

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My Hector Lavoe wood cut!

October 28, 2013


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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes a Calavera for Dia De Los Muertos.

October 6, 2013

My Subway Art

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August 20, 2013

Sneaker Art

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Migueltio The North Country Latino gives a NYC based design to a pair of white sneakers.

March 26, 2013

Beauty In The Art That Beholds Her

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Like a canvas she
is colored with beautiful
painted designs that glow
upon the surface that God
fashioned upon her.

Colors upon her body
expose a beauty that
at the very same time
melts the heart and
inspires the soul
to breathe in deeply
every blessing received.

Under the surface
colors are textures
deeper down exposing
a sadness no one else
knows exposing wounds
difficult to close.

How many fears has
she endured how many
tears has she cried
how many fires
has she started
of the bellies
of others whom she loves?

Her colors
her designs
her heart
filled with
her will
her lovely
you cannot deface
her soul deeply
filled with un-defiling


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