June 24, 2017

My NYC Trip 2017

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Migueltio The North Country Latino visits NYC. This time he stops at Moore St. Market in Brooklyn, San German Music and Jose Albino Music, also in Brooklyn, as well as Despana Foods in SoHo.



June 20, 2017

Stop Erasing The True Colors

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DSC03528Can you see?

Can you see


Do you see

do you see

me do you

see the real

me part of

me all of me?

I am here

in front of

your face do

I strike fear

into your happy

place I have a

face I have a

voice If you will

not see or hear

me that is your

ignorant choice.

I have a real

mind a real

heart a real

soul I am of

real color with

real joy to



Every day you

pass me by

you have a

chance to see

my eyes instead

you opt to keep

your eyes on your

prize your little

device like artificial

eyes in disguise full

of artificial love

that only spreads

real lies as you

return to your




glass shoebox

that makes you

feel entitled to

rise higher than

the realities that

are found below

the skies.


People sleeping on

the floor on the

ground while you

have your earbuds

to drown out the

sound of the

many hard workers

around you whose

futures have drowned

while you pay homage

only to your royal

self whom you feel

entitled to have



The links of the

chain of chains

is choking the

urban vibe into

a suburban pain

while chains

themselves are

struggling and

closing more and

more the cities get

a hosing down defacing

with more chains

popping giving indy

business and

neighborhood character

a mindless replacing.


The expression and

character of the

theatre the

musicals the

plays even

Broadway The

Great White Way

who is to say they

are immune every

overture every

entr’acte every

TONY winning

tune who’s to

say that some

day all those

theatres couldn’t

get shown the way

being chased to The

Jersey Burbs in a really

big hurry with a

senseless vision of

“A Musical Mall” or

a village of theatres

like Branson



Walk with me

dance with me

hear my music

see my art

read my poetry

eat my food

learn my language

wear my clothes

choosing just one

one of those

would give you a

true and proactive

start toward

experiencing what life

in New York or other

cities could be you

need to come down

to earth this planet

of your birth and

visualize and

realize and

rationalize so that

maybe we can

rematerialize what lives

in New York and

other cities should




March 3, 2016

Advertising My Book!

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Available in both soft cover and ebook version!!



November 24, 2015

Soulful Singing

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People are like

a song one to

be sung from

beginning to end.


Some songs are

sad causing us

to tear up with

a heavy heart

over the tragic

events piling up

on those who sing them

despite their lives’

best efforts.


Some songs are

angry over every

turn taken with the

tone of a Johnny Rotten

and The Sex Pistols hit

declaring there is no one

else who is right on

any given day.


Some songs are

upbeat grooving to

the rhythm on

their neighborhood street

a smile is their

style as they roll with

the changes being a person

you really want to meet.


Some songs are like

a beautiful sunrise loving

and accepting of

anyone of any

color of any gender

of any belief of any

faith as you

melt while

they touch your heart.


Some songs are

toxic like the old

45s DJs used to break

they complain about

every effort anyone

makes to project a

day’s light while they

instead bask in their

own continued darkness.


The songs that last

that endure on the

charts of life’s changes

are the songs that

sing out their best expressions

their “listeners” never forget

weathering through

the negative lyrics

toward those that shine bright.



August 1, 2012

Satin Doll

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Click below to see a video of Migueltio The North Country Latino playing Satin Doll on trombone.

Satin Doll

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