March 18, 2018

Walking Out

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They walked

because their leaders

have only talked.


There was talk of

making things better

but all that was said


was sent straight away

to the office of dead ears

and of the dead letter.


Any bill introduced to

get firearms reduced was

rung through the paper shredder.


They walked

and I am proud of them

in making their voices heard.


This generation

like my generation

deserves a quality education.


But let there be added one

important word, a quality

SAFE education.


God Bless all students

faculty and staff of all





March 11, 2018

Forty Days

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Lent is




To many

Lent is dull

to many

the thought of


clouds the


of life with a

grey foggy lull.


Lent in The North is

still the presence of

Winter’s whitest snow

while in The South, Lent

is a warmer, much more

colorful new spring

floral show.


Many ask why

they should recognize

Lent as a reminder of

a sacrificial event so

heartbreaking so

sad by many forget

that that very


was truthfully

was wholeheartedly


to renew our hearts

clean our souls

and help us to be

eternally, spiritually




February 25, 2018

Murderous Eyes

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We see the eyes

every time they

show the face


which at a distinct

time not long ago

began to affix


its eyes on a

deadly prize while

living day to day


under a stealth hidden

facial disguise that all

was positive all was


well while within

those walls of that

room that they always


eventually reveal is where

we see the layout

of the plan to release


the bloody hell that

we have had to hear

so many in the press or in


the law come forth

in front of the cameras to

sadly and somberly tell.


We need to make sure

the kinds of weapons in

Columbine, in Denver, in


Sandy Hook, in Parkland

are not accessed by

those obsessed in


the first place but

we also need to help

plant a better seed


into the minds of all

so that they do not

become the next murderous face.



February 5, 2018

Success (based on words written by Angie Martinez)

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Get out there and

do your best

and when your

dreams come true

and you achieve


do not let others

match your pace

and run along

aside your race

do not let them

get in your face

and try to make

a case

to get in your



Make the best

of your success

but do not let

others get next to

it do not give

away a piece of

it that lets them

make a mess of

it keep your crew

around you

keep your heart and

soul true do not let

others bring you

down like a strain of

the flu

by giving out too

much access to

it so that they take

it and make their own

self excess of it.



January 24, 2018

Deepest Thinking

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Do you ever daydream?

Do you ever linger

in thought making

a wish that what is

real is not as

taxing or not as tough

as presently it may seem?


One a winter’s night of

a gentle snow do you ever

bundle up to go out, lay down

and watch the show making a

wish on every falling flake

hoping for a successful

chance to take?


Do you ever wish the moon

could transport you to other

places away from the disgust

on so many other faces so

that day in and day out

you shining light will be

what the times are all about?


Can you see with your own

eyes that the beauty in

this world is as numerous

or more than the stars of

the clearest skies not over

obsessing on that which

you think you want but

are not realistically possessing?


Do your daydreams ever

reveal about you that

what is good around you

could not have been

invested without you?

Make those dreams turn

Into something real by

bringing out your best

in everything you express,

do, and feel!




January 14, 2018


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It is amazing to see

what hands can make.

It is amazing to taste

what hands can bake.

It is amazing to know

what hands can grow.

It is amazing to realize

what hands can materialize.

The beauty of what they

make we can see with our

own eyes but despite a

promising commission

despite a prestigious

position what we do with




Hands are not to be

put to inappropriate use

hands are to embrace not

to abuse hands can direct

but others have the right

to reject.











Do not abuse any animal

whether it is wild or a domestic pet.

Abuse of anyone or anything only

Marks you with great shame

and follows you with deep regret.


The use of our hands must

be to do good, staying focused

on doing the things that they




January 1, 2018

Aftermath Moving On

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After the storm

after the square off

after the skirmish

after the scrum

what is resolved

after all is said

after all is done?


What is the new

direction to be taken

to ensure a better

investment toward

future measures without

so much resentment?


Can an accord be reached

can a contract be agreed

upon without being breached

can a mutual peace be

realistically sought can

good communication be

realistically taught can

mutual contentment be

found by itself or does

it have to be

uneasily bought?


What is the next action

that transpires from the

next thought offering

honesty to the table

while under the table

treachery is the

instability being

truthfully sought

while closed door

motives dousing all the

helpful votives continue

to occur unseen and

unquestioned with no

desired possibility by those

with rightful capability

of being exposed

found out

or caught?



Happy New Year!

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Wishing you all a prosperous 2018 through all the highs and lows it may bring!!


December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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A Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate and a Happy New Year!!

May God Bless us all!

December 10, 2017

Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies

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Migueltio The North Country Latino makes Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies for the holiday baking season.

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